Monday, 18 January 2016

Broken Stone!!

I put down everything I need
On a rough piece of paper
And wonder where to begin with
And why do I do so?!!

Long awaiting things had no space
That's why I missed them
Not to mean they hold no value
They always remain within
And never get exposed for fame
They remain as remains of dream
With no definite shape
But with a definite value

Those fulfilled have lost their way
To haunt me as before
They strive as hard to end up with
Disappointed results
It's not always the same importance
I give to myself and thee
So what I have is all I gain
And what I don't is all I want

I've lost many papers like these
Some shred, unread sometimes
Ignored or immaterialized
Unwanted I feel though wanted
Thrown away in search of something
More precious among the thrown
With nothing left now, more to come

The crumbling sounds allover
Have something to say
I have no time for myself
How could I pay for it?
I hear no sound, I bear no voice
I'm as simple as a broken stone!!

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