Thursday, 11 June 2015

An Enigma

I'm failing to recall her face
Had she been hiding it all along?
No, it was clearly evident
Heart beats got faster n faster
I can recall all that
But her face is still puzzling me!!

She did pose like a friend
Spoke as if she knew me
Laughed at my jokes
Withheld a tear in her eye
She did gaze with comfort
All that is striking me
But why not her face?!!

All those we shared
And those we spared
For time to come
May have not been so important
But yet is a story now
Which heart recites to infinity
But for God sake, where is she?

It's not far away
Though it seems to be so
It's not near either
My dreams must learn to slow down their pace
Coz it's not just me
It's not just her
It's we who make it superlative
For a long span of life

So why is she shying away?
Or perhaps I must be doing so
A blame is to shadow my weakness
And a whisper to seek her attention!!

It's all happening
But still with an enigma
Why am I failing to recall her?!!
                                  -- Rathnasutha

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